the failure is the mother of success.but how many people are actually able to grasp the mystery?

  general speaking, people are afraid of failure.what should we fail to face?the key issues were to fail.we understand and transform the world, the defeat was inevitable.brave in face of failure is the only correct way to success of our guide.we can sum up the lesson from failure.after many mistakes, we should be close to success and believe that failure is only temporary.the failure of the people tend to be alone, around on his support, even a comforting word, can add to his great power.

  in a word,failure are not terrible. horrible is you don't have the courage to face defeat feeling!


  have to be strong to face setbacks, must have the firm faith, stick to it, it will be successful, we will be able to realize the value of life, enjoy the real life.

  remember that is first in the class last semester in campaign class committee, i summon up courage to sign up, but in nine points, lost, i feel i received a big blow. at noon, my tea rice don't think, sullen and sitting in the dad walked over to say: "why, baby?" "dad, i lost, i was very uncomfortable, i think i'm too bad!" dad had a calm, serious said: "children, ages, no one does not experience setbacks can success and failure. on the contrary, people are constantly meet setbacks, to overcome setbacks, in the process of setback is a part of life, so to speak. the girl, do you think about it!" later, i think dad said is right, because the teacher also often say: experienced wind and rain, to see the rainbow, the mother of success is failure! dad this passage also gave me a lot of inspiration, let me understand: failure is also what i need, because he can inspire me, push me!!!!!!! make me more sharp!

  setbacks with me!





  almost everyone expect in the journey of life is easy, on the way of growth. many people have said: "the path of growth, even if no joy, no open flowers, the best and no rain, no. but i think: life without frustration is not real life, no thorns grow not to truly thrive.

  a second month exceeded otherregions in last semester, i because there is no emphasis on monthly exam papers, cause i slipped to the geography and english a little more than 60 points, looked at the small red wrong number on the paper, i received a big blow. me to reflect on yourself, trying to find their own shortcomings and defects.

  how should i face setbacks, however, is to avoid? is falling? are not, the key is to see their own choice, i think; life is made up of countless frustrations accumulated, if cannot afford the wind waves, heavy disasters, also cannot overcome ourselves, and the yield by setbacks. i stood up again, face up to their mistakes, and down-to-earth improvement error, in the next exam, i have overcome setbacks, again close to success.

  don't because of a fall can't run, don't curse the life because of the wind and rain, don't ignore the natural scenery because she lost her way. only overcome setbacks and challenges the setback, enjoy the setback, step by step to find the best in life and enjoy the wonderful had grown up on each side. failed no matter, snap out of it. sunshine always after the rain, no one can casually succeed. i firmly believe that the rainbow after the wind and rain will always be the most beautiful

  frustration with i grow up, i can with optimism as beacons, such ability won't get lost. did not have the optimistic attitude, you will lost struggle direction, lost all faith, as the ideal sailing in the setback swells drift, bumpy and all wiped out. and frustration is not to lose, but has warned you don't be lazy, to adhere to the belief, at any time with optimistic, calm to skip over the waves. my growth path which can leave the setback this kind and teacher? !

  frustration with i grow up, i'll take strong when backing, such ability won't be easily down. life is not strong, will not exist. if the tree is not strong, do not tall, how can a piece of sunshine; if the bamboo is not strong, how can you maintain qingshan not relax revered; if mei is not strong, how can you have ling2 han2 open alone accept; if people are not strong, how can you have a fight and defeat setbacks, overcome our own strength? my growth path which can leave the setback this encourage friends? !

  frustration with i grow up, i will with humility as a bottom line, so you don't throw away the personality. people should be humble when successful, not only should adhere to the style of modesty and eagerness to learn when frustrated. not by the humble, even if has a real flair will be wasted because of the arrogant, stubborn. my growth path which can leave the setback the mother of the success of this firm with soft? !