when henry ford decided to produce his famous v-8 motor, he chose to build an engine with the entire eight cylinders cast in one block, and instructed his engineers to produce a design in one for the engine. the design was placed on paper, but the engineers agreed, to a man, that it was simply impossible to cast an eight-cylinder engine-block in one piece.

  ford said, “produce it anyway.”

  “but,” they replied, “it’s impossible!”

  “go ahead.” ford commanded, “and stay on the job until you succeed, no matter how much time is required.”

  the engineers went ahead. there was nothing else for them to do, if they were to remain on the ford staff. six months passed and nothing happened. another six months passed, and still nothing happened. the engineers tried every conceivable plan to carry out the orders, but the thing seemed out of the question:“impossible!”

  at the end of the year ford checked with his engineers, and again they informed him they had found no way to carry out his orders.

  “go right head,” said ford, “i want it, and i’ll have it.”

  they went ahead, and then, as if by a stroke of magic, the secret was discovered.

  the ford determination had won once more!

  this story may not be described with minute accuracy, but the sum and substance of it is correct. deduce from it, you who wish to think and grow rich, the secret of the ford millions, if you can. you’ll not have to look very far.

  henry ford was successful, because he understood and applied the principles of success. one of these is desire: knowing out the lines in which the secret of his stupendous achievement have been described. if you can do this, if you can lay your finger on the particular group of principles which made henry ford rich, you can equal his achievements in almost any calling for which you are suited.




  “动手做。”福特一声令下, “不论花多少时间,做到交差为止!”









  spare no efforts in doing things

  concentration and perseverance built the great pyramids on egypt's plains .

  the matter of a single trade can sppuort a family.the master of seven trades cannot support himself.

  now i know that in order to grow and flourish i must spare no efforts in doing things and keep a little in advance of the times . those who reach the top are the ones who are not content with doing only what are required of them .they do more.they go extra mile ,and another.

  i will spare no efforts in doing things.

  now i knowthat i cannot pursue a worthy goal,steadily and persistently ,with all the powers of my mind and yet fail . if i focus the rays of sun with a burning glass , even in the coldest days of winter.i can kindle a fire with ease.

  i will spare no efforts in doing things.

  the weakest living creature , by concentrating his powers on a single object can accomplish good results while the strongest ,by dispersing his effort over many chores,may fail to accomplish anything.drops of water ,by continually falling,hone their passage through the hardest of rocks but the hasty torrent rushes over it with hideous uproar and leaves notrace behind.i will leave my trace.the world will know i have been here.

  i will spare no efforts in doing things


  just for today i will try to live through this day only and not tackle my whole life problem at once. i can do something for twelve hours that would appall me if i had to keep it up for a lifetime.

  just for today i will be happy. this assumes to be true what abraham lincoln said,that "most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

  just for today i will adjust myself to what is, and not try to adjust everything to my own desires. i will take my "luck" as it comes.

  just for today i will try to strengthen my mind. i will study. i will learn something useful. i will not be a mental loafer. i will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.

  just for today i will exercise my soul in three ways. i will do somebody a good turn and not get found out: if anybody knows of it, it will not count. i will do at least two things i don't want to do—just for exercise. i will not show anyone that my feelings are hurt: they may be hurt, but today i will not show it.

  just for today i will be agreeable. i will look as well as i can, dress becomingly, talk low, act courteously, criticize not one bit,and try not to improve or regulate anybody but myself.

  just for today i will have a program, i may not follow it exactly, but i will have it. i will save myself from two pests: hurry and indecision.

  just for today i will have a quiet half hour all by myself and relax. during this half hour, sometime, i will try to get a better perspective of my life.

  just for today i will be unafraid. especially i will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful,and to believe that as i give to the world, so the world will give to me.